T500 AC Adapter

I’m planning to order a T500 AC Adapter with a AC200Max but need to know if the T500 comes with all of the various cables? I’m interested in making sure the aviation cable is included.

Hi @AppraiserJoe , T500 AC adapter that matches AC200Max will come with an XT90 To DC7909 Cable. You can learn more at the following link:
T500 AC ADAPTER (500W) 42512107667675
Thank you for your interest in BLUETTI products. Happy shopping!

When I received my T500 there was no XT90 to DC7909 cable. :frowning: I was getting ready to bite the bullet and order the cable but delayed my purchase because of timing of the delivery. Good thing I did because a USPS delivery coming from California that I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was delivered and low and behold it was the cable!!! Thanks Bluetti - just a customer service suggestion - it would have been nice to know that is was coming.

Hi @AppraiserJoe ,
I am very sorry for the inconvenience. May I ask what your order number is? We’ll check with support for you first to see if the order has been missed. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

My order number is Bluetti-US36133

I received the T500 without any cables (on the Bluetti site where I placed the order from, it appeared that all cables would be included with the T500). I 1st received the T500 by FEDEX, then came the Bluette AC200Max by UPS and then the next day the one cable came by USPS.


Hi Joe @AppraiserJoe ,
After checking with support, we learned that your order was shipped separately. The tracking number of the cable is: 9400111108070899856043 , shipped by USPS and has been delivered properly. May I know have you received it please? Thanks.

Yes I did, thank you. Was that the only cable that I should expect?