T400 charging speed always under 380W at 110V

Hi there,

My ac200max came with T400 charging brick and it is charging steadily at 378W. Sometimes it goes over to 381W and drops back to 378W. I thought this is a normal behavior but recently saw a YouTube video, it was charging ac200max over at 410W (that’s the way it supposes to be 58.8V x 7A = 411.6W). Is my T400 defective?

Thank you!

Mine is 400W or maybe a little more. I wonder if its a calibration issue? maybe the component that reads/calculates watts is off a little?

Hi @Yowman

The actual charging speed it controlled by your unit. So it can differ.

Would say It’s nothing wrong with your adapter


As said by @Selfmadestrom the unit control the input current based on various factors.
Furthermore, it’s normal for an AC/DC power supply (or charger) to perform differently based on the AC input voltage, and the same apply to the T400 and T500.
Usually you have the peak performance with an input voltage of 240 volt AC. At 110 volt AC it’s normal for performance to result slightly degraded.

The T400 charges around 400 watts but does not have the loud fan that the T500 has. I am trying to find a T400 but everyone is out of them. If anyone knows where to get one, let me know. thanks

I would trade you! I actually prefer T500 for faster charging.