System using AC200MAX as main, and AC200P as auxilary

As an owner of the AC200P I’m in need of more capacity. Looked into AC300 system and also the B230 battery to increase the capacity of my AC200P, but actually, the AC200MAX seems to be my best option with various advantages over the AC300 system or the B230. Below is a diagram of plan for combining the best features of the AC200P & AC200MAX in single system.

My objective: Use the AC200MAX as the main power source to be used daily to power 2 chest freezers (AC output), and also some Lighting & other 12 volts devices (DC output). Then utilize the AC200P as the source of extended power to be used in case of a power outage.

On a daily basis, this system requires some additional power from the grid on days of less than optimum amounts of sunshine. That’s what the Timer#1 is for. On a full sunny day I give it 1Hr of charge via the T500 Charger, on a cloudy day, it requires 4hrs.

Bottom line, if I can keep my 2 freezers mostly off grid and lighting & other devices on DC power, then I will save aprox $200 per year on energy costs (ele bills & no more need for alkaline batteries). Over a 10 year period, I will have
saved $2000 and that helps recover about 50% the cost of my system.

Please review the diagram below, and let me know if there are any flaws in the
system plan or improvements that could be made. Read the notes on the diagram for info how the system will operate in case of a power outage.

PS: Correction to diagram. DC load is not 400kwh, it’s 400wh.

Thanks! :) -pete-


I find Bluetti pricing to be ‘fluid’ at the best of times, but the the EB200P is generally cheaper than the 200Max and based on your diagram it might fit your requirement just as well?

Carlos… I’m happy with the performance of the AC200P and just need more kWh capacity and more solar input (more solar panels) and I’m at my limit on both of those. The EB200P seems to be a down-grade compared to the AC200P or AC200MAX and therefore would not be a good fit for my needs.

On the other hand, I also looked at the AC300 & B300 combo. That’s a great system. but seems like too much INVERTER for my needs along with the higher price.

The AC200MAX, seems like just the right size for powering up 2 chest freezers & some DC devices, and it has the 900w limit on solar panel input which I can definitely use except for the fact that I’m running out of places to setup ADDITIONAL solar panels.

In addition to that, the AC200MAX has the ability for 2 expansion batteries and that would solve my kWh capacity problem in the future if I can find a way get more energy from the sun or wind in my limited space.

PS: It’s not on the diagram, but I’m currently looking into adding some wind power in order compensate for the lack of solar power in my system. On a 100% sunny day in November I need to boost the system with 1 hour of power from the T500 charger and on a cloudy day of it can be as much as 4 to 5 hours.

Bottom line, my system needs a lot more than 800 watts of solar panels and as much capacity in kWh as is affordable so that I can go more than a couple of cloudy days to operate my 2 chest freezers & some DC powered lights & devices.

I posted here, thinking that there might be quite a few Bluetti AC200P customers that need to upgrade their system CAPACITY and were considering the AC200MAX. I think that the AC200MAX is a great choice for FUTURE EXPANSION due to it’s ability to accept 2 more expansion batteries. For the short term, I can still use the AC200P as the reserve capacity in a power outage situation.

One last important point…
On a sunny day in November, and with EIGHT 100 watt solar panels, in a 24 hour period, I’m not getting enough solar power to operate the the 2 chest freezers alone and also charge both the AC200MAX & AC200P. In other words, I can indeed operate the 2 chest freezers and by 2pm I’m up to 98% charged on a single solar generator system, but I’m out of energy before the sun comes up the following day. Soooo… I need more solar panels and enough to not only charge a single solar generator, but also at least 1 other .

Carlos…, thanks for responding. Sorry for the long winded reply. I’m just thinking out loud here. :) Hopefully this additional info will help other AC200P owners decide the best way upgrade their own systems for their own particular needs.

A most excellent review & guide comparing the features & prices of the
AC200P Vs EB200P Vs AC200MAX



Admin, I’m ready to purchase the AC200MAX and other things needed to complete the system in the diagram I previously posted here. My biggest concern was that I have the system configured correctly on for the connection of the AC200P 12vdc/30A output to the D050S Charge Enhancer which connects to the AC200MAX. Is that correct?

Below is what I believe I’ll need to buy to make that work.

Please advise.
My shopping cart is loaded. :)

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Pete, I have read that you can operate your freezer 1 hour every 4 in the event of extended power outages. You might experiment with a timer. I have a AC200P I have set up my chest freezer on a timer with almost no temp fluctuations. Temp is still -2 degrees. I haven’t tested this yet in the summer. My chest freezer is in my attached garage.

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I also bought timers w/ this intention but havent properly tested yet. I tested them w/ the timers but realize i didn’t test as if the grid power down. So many details keep popping up.

Im also considering the AC200Max but cant see how the 30amp port would be useful to me. Im using my Bluetti’s for home emergency backup.

I also considered getting another B230 but like you for the cost, the AC200max seems the wiser option. I was waiting for black friday sale.

If you are wanting to hear back from Bluetti about your accessories questions reco adding @BLUETTI .

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I also have issues w/ my panels even in Summer much less winter. I know i need more panel power but due to arthritis i get portable panels. The 200s r as big as i can manage. If i get the smaller panels it takes so many to power up even the small Bluetti’s.

No way i can haul around my ac200p, or b230, or a 200max if i get one so i need more efficient wiring. But due to family issues that not happening soon. Enough whinning. Just agreeing with u regarding recharging these device’s w/ panels (expensive for the power they xan gen even at peak). Good luck and thanks for sharing whatcu r doing.

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Thanks for sharing Pete. I put my replies at bottom of this thread.

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Bodine, I understand what you were saying about using a timer on the freezer, but you may have misunderstood about the 1 hour issue. To clarify, on a sunny day in November I can operate both freezers and by about 3pm (end of my solar energy day) I’m able to maintain a charge of 90% to 100% on the Solar generator. Then by 8am the next day, I’d be down to 0% charge, so to avoid that I give it a 1 to 2 hour charge with the T500 charger.

You idea on using a timer on the freezer might have merit because it would keep the Solar Generator from reaching 0%, but turning the freezer back on seems like it would need to run longer to get back to temperature & stabilized and not much energy would be saved. I’ll have to try it sometime. Thanks for the suggestion.


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Hi @pete2004 , sorry for late reply.
Our technical engineer already has a reply, as follows
Your picture is well drawn and clear! But AC200P can not be used as extended power supply for AC200Max because it is not a battery pack. b230 and b300 are only compatible with AC200MAX;
So the D050S can’t be connected like your picture above, and those accessories can’t be used that way.
D050S is mainly used for rechargeable battery mode.

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Admin, Thanks for getting back to me during the holiday. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Since the AC200P & AC200MAX can’t be paired as I had planned, I’m rethinking my system and what it needs in order to operate my 2 chest freezers on a daily basis and also during a period of extended days of power outage when I will not have the ability to recharge the system using the grid power and the T500 Charger.

I’m coming to realize that shortage of CAPACITY is not my number one problem. Number one problem is lack of solar power energy even with my eight 100w solar panels, I’m only generating about 450w in November due to various factors (shadows from trees & nearby buildings) that are not a obstacle during the summer months when the sun is much higher in the sky.

Again, I’m jut thinking out loud here. :) Before investing in anymore CAPACITY, I’m going to focus upon generating more energy, either by adding another set of solar panels and/or by making use of the wind for those times when the sun is not shinning.

I’m may have to pickup where I left off 13 years ago developing my own small wind turbine system.