Switch from Gas Generator to AC300 in Split Phase

See the attached diagram. On power outages I currently connect my Generac portable gas generator to the outside grid power transfer switch using a pigtail (attached by my electrician) to the generator’s 120/240V 30A L14-30R. I would like to replace the generator with the AC300 in split phase (or have the option to go either way). Does anyone see any potential issues, or gotchas, with this design? Appreciate any input from the Bluetti Family. Thank you, GB

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This layout is similar to what I have. I installed a GE 100 A transfer switch between my grid and my main panel, then I installed a new L14-30P inlet for my 5 kW gasoline power generator in 1995. This year I installed the AC300 split phase system and it replaced my generator. It has been running since July and last week I completed a 3.2 kW photovoltaic panel installation to feed the AC300 setup and charge the B300 batteries. As represented with the “OR” part of the diagram, I can interchange the AC300 setup or the generator by swapping the L14-30 receptacles (you call them pigtails) at the inlet. So your setup should be good.