Supercap compatibility?

I see that Kilowatt Labs has supercap modules that supply 5kWh, on up to over 10k. I estimate the storage of each cell within their modules is greater than 10k Farads… and I estimate their size is smaller than skeletontech’s, and also they weigh less.

These cells seem to store 2.7V; most of their modules store 48V (with some less, some more).

In the interest of greener manufacturing, longer lifetimes (> 1 MILLION cycles!), and higher current flows, I have to wonder: Will Bluetti, at some point, sell super/ultra cap batteries? Allow settings (and sell adapters) to use modules like those of Kilowatt Labs?

The race is on, to get energy densities greater than lithium, weight less than lithium, recharge times less than lithium, internal charge lossage per unit time less than lithium. The days of lithium batteries are numbered! How does Bluetti see the future in this respect?

lol KilowattLabs is a scam to get venture capital

Elon Musk stated somewhere that lithium supplies are too limited for now for everyone to have an EV, regardless to what some States want to force on the public by banning gasoline cars. Besides already being too expensive for the general population, it’s going to get much worse unless they can create an alternate lithium power source.

Lithium is not dead, there’s just not enough of it, plus China keeps buying up whatever they can to monopolize the market.,the%20end%20of%20this%20decade.