Summer is coming, Bluettis are going to get HOT!

I built a closet for my two EP500s and AC200. There are no windows in the closet for an air conditioner and no vents big enough to pump cold air into the room… The heat is nice for the winter, but what am I going to do this SUMMER? Any ideas?

How about make some vents with an exhaust fan


If you put fans in, i recommend adding a thermal sensor and a relay to activate the fans when the closet reaches a set temperature, so the fans don’t run all the time. The relay circuit design and parts depends on the fan power, AC or DC. I suggest 120 VAC fans.


First of all, do you think your closet is going to be a lot hotter in the summer than in the winter?

The unit should run fine up to 40C/104F before protesting regardless.

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How big is this closet and how air tight / insulated is it? What is the ambient air temp expected to be? Most indoor closets have a significant gap under the door that it really isn’t that air tight. I would avoid situations where you require active fan for safe operation as fans do fail and you don’t want that to cause damage. Better to add some slots to the door or wall to get passive cooling to work.

How much power are you drawing from them? If you assume they are 80% efficient and produce the rest as heat then you can get an idea on how hot it may get. Or, get a thermometer and try things out, if it gets too hot then consider cutting a hole and/or adding fan, or opening the door.

I won’t worry at all if the temp is at or below 30C. From 30-40C it will still run just fine, but batteries will age faster. About 40C is likely bad.

You have it running now right? What is the temp inside and outside? Apply the same diff to summer ambient temp and you will have a good idea.

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What if the unit is hooked up to our solar panels during the hot months but not actually running anything while we are gone? Can often be months at a time.

The closet is 10’ x 6’ x 8’. The door has a gap at the bottom. The temperature gauge reads 75 degrees now in February and when the units are solar charging at 1200 watts on each EP500. If I put slots in the door then the noise of the fans are to loud to watch TV. With a fan blowing, the temperature is equal in the closet but not colder. With a fan pumping the heat into the attic, small change in temperature of 1 degree. The only thing left to do is call a air conditioner specialist and add cold air into the room. Thanks for all the ideas, I hope this is not going to be a major problem for the Bluetti community.

Ok, so this is a big walk-in closet at 10x6x8 feet. I don’t think you have to do anything at all, no extra vents, no fan required.

Given you said watching TV, I would assume this closet is inside your house that is heated in the winter (and maybe cooled in the summer). If the temp inside is 75F now, and the temp outside your closet where you watch TV now is say 70F, then the temp increase is only 5F. Even if you have no AC and the temp in the TV room outside the closet is say 85F in the summer (which would be very warm), then the temp inside would only be 90F, which is totally within normal operating limits without any issues.

I hope your are right. The delta difference is constant at 5 degrees, you think. I have a feeling the delta difference may vary from 5 to 15 degrees or even higher when the outside temperature hits over 100 degrees in Arkansas.

The temp delta won’t vary based on outside temperature. Only thing that will change the delta is how much heat/power you are producing inside, and the insulation/ventilation. If those don’t change, then the delta will stay the same.

You closet is the size of a small room, nothing to worry about here.