Suggestion: Consider pausing all consumer sales, until the problems with customer support staffing, accessibility and quality are over

Suggestion: Do consider pausing all consumer sales, at least for EU, until the problems with customer support staffing, accessibility and quality are over.

For many weeks now I see many of your customers here and on social media experience problems reaching your support department and get order support, orders shipped, defective products fixed and refunds handled. There are significant delays in e-mail handling and incoming phone calls are not answered.

I believe that you are a legitimate company, designing premium products and willing to do the best for your customers. I’m customer and owner of your AC300+B300 now and even tho I’m a bit disappointed with the performance of the UPS mode, I still think it’s a good product overall.

Also, what you see in forums of any tech company is usually not reflective of the overall customer experience. In general: Happy customers are just using their products. Unhappy customers are searching for help at the forums. I’ve been active in the Creative SoundBlaster forums for years and if you would just go from the forum posts, you would start to think that Creative sound cards are terrible, but they were the golden standard for consumer and gaming sound for years, with many happy customers.

But back to Bluetti. High demand from Energy uncertainty in Europe and Ukraine as well as a successful Black Friday sale week has overwhelmed your ability to provide quality customer support. At least for EU. This is giving a lot of bad press now, and nobody gains anything from this. It hurts your reputation and customers who buy your premium products, for a premium price, demand a premium customer service if anything goes wrong. Or if they just have questions.

Let’s pause all sales to give your support workers time to handle all open issues, open tickets and get them answering the phone again. This may cost you some money in the short term but will solidify your reputation in the long term. Expensive products demand a streamlined sales and after-sales support.

Good luck.

PS. I don’t need any more support myself right now. I’m just observing the current state of the situation with Bluetti EU customer support.


Thank you for your sincere suggestion.
We are currently doing our best to improve our services. But it is not very realistic to stop selling. We will feed it back to the relevant department heads as well as to EU order support department. Thank you again

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You must also understand that all of those sales without problems are not complaining because we don’t have any problems and most don’t go online to praise a product for doing what is expected.

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It’s not just the EU that has poor customer service, it’s the entire globe!!
In the year I’ve owned Bluetti products, I’ve made dozens of calls, and NEVER ONCE has the phone been answered !! Leaving a message is no better! My calls have either been not returned or returned a week later! When emailing the 1st sentence is always, **“sorry for the late response,”**which is usually 4-5 days late! While I’ve been generally happy with my 2 AC200P’s and 2 B230 batteries, if only your customer service was up to par with your products, your company would have a much better reputation. While you’re generally great at getting product to the customer, the backbone of any company is its customer service !