Stretch Goal not shipped?


Has anyone received the stretch goal products from the Indiegogo campaign? I have already received my AC500 and B300S’, but I haven’t received the stretch goal products.

I was also wondering if anyone was able to get the Bluetti bucks from the campaign and how to register the AC500 and B300S’, since it asks for an order# and we don’t get one from the campaign.


Hi @MasterJedi , According to the response from the crowdfunding department.

The shipping time of Stretch Goals are updated on the official page of INDIEGOGO, you can click to check it. Thank you again for your support and understanding!

be glad that you at least got something, I’ve been waiting for the package since November 24

Thank you for the information. Do you know how i can redeem bluetti bucks when i purchased batteries from indiegogo and Amazon? Also how can i register them when it asks for an order number (im assuming a bluetti #) and i dont have one.


Ya im glad i received them, especially with how the weather has been lately. I hope you get yours soon.

For questions about bluetti bucks, you may need to consult our customer support department. Thank you!

Thank you, i have been trying.