Strange Strong Rise of Battery Percent

Hello Fellows,

can someone explain this steep curve (pic)?
The orange line.
It’s a AC300 + 2 B300.

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Please share your monitoring setup. Many of us have asked Bluetti for these capabilities. Unfortunately I cannot answer your question. But if more of us were able to track our system like you are, it would be very insightful. Thanks.

@tpkidd3 There are basically two options to get data from the devices over bluetooth and send it to an MQTT gateway for further processing: bluetti-mqtt which I wrote, and a project for ESP32.

From there you have a variety of standard options for monitoring, like an MQTT analyzer, Home Assistant, or some custom solution. This is my current setup, but if you’re not a Ruby developer you’re better off finding something easier to use - I chose all these pieces because I’ve used them before for work.