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I originally started buying Bluetti batteries as an emergency system, but with the NEW AC200L I can use it as an emergency backup system as well as an everyday battery support system for my appliances. This is due to the new features of the AC200L. I now feel 100% confident that I can use it every day, and it will still be ready for me in the event of an emergency.

It has been about a month now since I received my new AC200L and connected it up to my 2 B300 batteries, and I have been keeping it busy every day. Doing what, I’ll tell you what, I can continuously run 2 refrigerators the TV, 2 computers couple lights the modem my coffee machine and the washing machine, all because it can.
The reason it can is because of the improved operating system. (and my 3 PV350 Bluetti solar panels)
I can program the unit to accept power from the grid, my PV source, or a combination of the 2.
I can set the unit’s CHARGE TIME to be powered overnight (Time Control UPS) when rates are lowest, or any other specific times I want or not at all.
I can also preset the Discharge times as well, in the event that I may just want to utilize the battery when grid power is at a premium. Or I can have the battery full and set to grid power only and save the battery strictly for emergencies.
Using Standard UPS Mode I can bypass the battery and power directly from the grid, and in the event of a power failure my battery seamlessly switches over to battery power to give me uninterrupted power, thus saving all my power for an emergency.

Another great feature since I am charging using PV Priority and I also want to ensure I never run out of emergency power, with the new setting for the SoC I can set the battery to start charging from the grid when I set the SoC to a % level where I feel comfortable letting the system run down to, but still ensuring I have enough emergency power just in case.
I can control how fast the machine recharges as well, using the 3 charging modes that are available,
Turbocharging, Standard Charging and Silent Charging. Also, I can control the grid power utilizing advanced feature that controls the amperage from the wall outlet.
For those of us who may have an unstable power source, you now have (Grid Self adaption mode) to help stabilize the incoming power.

This is what I have discovered so far, but there is still more to learn.
Enjoying my Bluetti Life.


Thanks for sharing your usage scenarios and AC200L mode settings.
I hope the AC200L will bring you more surprises in the future use. I look forward to you sharing more pictures for outdoor using with solar panels. Enjoy it!! :blue_heart:

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Well since you asked about my 3 x PV350’s, here they are June 04, 2024, and it’s as they say" HIGH NOON".
First time I tried laying them flat, as the sun was nearly perpendicular. Once I did this, I got about 10-12% boost in solar power.



Thank you for sharing…

Thanks Traveldiva2 for letting me know you appreciated my post