Storage position of the AC200(P)

Can I store the AC200(P) on it’s end? I would like to store it in a Faraday can and It looks like the only way to get it in is on it’s end.

What if you put it in the Faraday can and then changed the orientation of the Faraday can so the AC200P is now in its original orientation?

Thanks, Scott. That would solve the concern and I might have to do that unless I can get a answer that allows me to store it on its end which would be preferable.

The AC200p doesn’t contain anything that can spill or leak, so you can pretty much store it in any position as long as it doesn’t shake around and the vents are not blocked. The internal supports probabaly assumes a vertical orientation, so it may not support it well if mounted in other position. However that is likely only an issue on a mobile moving platform, if it is on a shelf that doesn’t move, I would be comfortable to have it in any orientation, as long as no vents are blocked

Thanks. That was what I was looking for.