Storage AC300 & 4 B300s

I recently purchased Mission Darkness EMP Faraday bags. They can hold a fair amount of equipment. The bags are fairly large & cumbersome with the inverter & batteries inside. I have a limited amount of space on the ground floor of my home. Can I store the bagged inverter & batteries in my garage? Will it damage the equipment? Yes, in the summer the garage can get hot & cold in the winter. I figured to set them on pallets so they’d be off the ground. The bags would each have socks with kitty litter inside to absorb any moisture. Are there other concerns I need to address?

Thank you.

If the system is not powered, you can store it as you described in your bags. I have an unused AC300 in its original box, foam layer, and internal plastic bag for over a year, yet I get heavy rains and high mosture for months. The AC300 is still as good as new.

Thank you. I feel better now about storing in the garage. Btw Raymond do you test your unit to insure it still functions?

Yes, i did. I deactivated my regular AC300 setup, borrowed one B300 and used it to test the stored AC300. Then I returned the B300 back and reactivated my setup. The only problem was carrying the 70 lb B300 down then up a flight of stairs.

They are very heavy to be moving from location to the other. My son used to move them around for me but he’s no longer with us. That’s why I want to store them in the garage. That’s where the AC3+4 will be permanently setup for continuous use. I have yet to run them. I need to get on that and sooner than later.