Stopped working after about one year of use

Greetings all, I was the proud owner of an eb70 and ac200p as I used it as backup in emergencies. About a week ago my ac200p just stopped working without any warning signs . It just shut off and when I tried to turn it back on the green power ring comes on and nothing else , the display comes on for like 1 second and then goes blank. I made videos , sent emails and called the Bluetti team as I purchased it from their website. After showing them all the evidence they told me they will send a replacement but can’t ship it to south America. I told them I’d have to use a private company situated in Miami and then have to ship it to south America Guyana … which is quite costly … Anyway they also told me I would have to ship the defective Bluetti to them at my expense also … I think that is not fair as I would then be paying more than half the total cost I paid for that generator initially and if the new one happens to be faulty ( with my poor luck lol) then if pretty much be buying a whole new generator just on shipping . I explained that I work in the medical field and I usually use it as back up when I ha e to travel to rural areas so it’s very important to have it with me as the gas generators are too loud but they are not very helpful. I just feel betrayed as I was a loyal supporter of Bluetti and I really wanted to go greener… I have tried charging with solar , normal wall out let and even trying to use my eb70 to see if I get anything but nothing seems to be working on the ac200p . If there is anyone with help or advice on this situation I would really appreciate it as customer service is disappointing .


I will offer my “personal” advice:

I understand the frustration but a company cannot be responsible for shipping costs to regions outside their normal sales territory. This would be cost prohibitive and raise prices for everybody. It is fair and reasonable to ship your replacement to the region of original purchase or a same cost location which is what has been offered.

It was your choice to located the units to a difficult shipping access location of the world and in my personal opinion your statement that you have been “betrayed” is not reasonable in this situation. No betrayal of any kind has occurred and you were actually offered a replacement at no charge other than to pay the freight to a location that you chose to take the product to.

I understand the difficulty and expense of shipping to third world regions as I have to get items to Venezuela on a fairly regular basis and know well the costs and risks involved in those shipment. But…that is my choice and I do not expect a warranty on any items to be honored in that country unless I return the items to the USA where they were purchased

Thank you for your response and advice but the reality is that the generator is dead after one year of use and that was the first one I bought , I had plans to get the larger ones but I no longer trust their devices which is part of the reason I feel betrayed. My complaint is not about paying for the shipping of the new unit but having to return the faulty one at my own expense. If the new one also comes faulty then I will be the one that keeps getting dealt the bad hand since I keep covering that expense.

I hear you and feel for you in your situation. But…imaging you bought a new vehicle of any brand and it died in the same amount of time. The manufacturer would have you take the vehicle to the closest dealer for repair. The farther you drove the vehicle from the closest the dealership, the more risk and pain you have with getting repairs.