Still Stuck on 100% After Camping Trip

I’ve just come back from a camping trip. During the weekend-long trip I used the AC200 powerstation for running a microwave oven and a coffee machine multiple times (it normally uses about 60% of the battery over a weekend).
I’m now home and just went to charge it up using the mains-powered charger, but the display is saying that it’s 100% charged and hence will not accept any power.

The only thing to note is that the trip took place in the winter cold and ranged between -1 to +7 degrees C. The display also fluctuated wildly over the weekend, going down as low as 65% and then back up to 95% (without any charging).

Need some help trying to figure this out, please.


Give it several hours to warm back up and try charging again.


@Zenwolf Yes, as Scott @Scott-Benson said, please keep it at a room temperature and try again.

Most Li Ion batteries (including the ones used for Bluetti) cannot be charged below 0C at all without causing immediate and permanent damage. So the unit has sensors to limit that, if it thinks there would be chance of damage, it won’t charge.

The SOC % indicator is not an exact science, and depends on a number of things such as charge counting, voltage, rate of voltage change etc… Large swings in temp can affect things and throw calibration off. Get it warmed up to room temp (it may take hours) and then try again. If it still shows 100%, then plug a load into it and drain it and try again.

You may have a problem if it doesn’t provide power, or still says 100% after draining to power cutoff in room temp, but we don’t have to assume there is something wrong just yet.