Start Your Own Balcony Energy Revolution💥

The first-ever BLUETTI Balcony Solar System is now available for pre-order.:boom:

:raised_hands:Get your BLUETTI Balcony Solar System today at the early-bird kickoff price.
Don’t forget to PM/email me for an additional voucher - 50€ off!

:bulb:Utilize this one-time offer to convert your balcony into a renewable energy source.:herb:
:bell:Start your own balcony energy revolution - NOW


Wow! This looks amazing! Hopefully someday we can get this over here in the States!! :crossed_fingers:

And hey @BLUETTI … can we get some of those rigid panels here in the US too please?!? :kissing_heart:

I still haven’t received any news about BLUETTI rigid panels being available in North America, and I’ll let you all know as soon as I have that good news! :boom: :boom:

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Where is the actual shop link for this? The page that linked here is still the “preview page”. Or im just blind? xD

There was a problem with the previous page, which has now been fixed. You can go straight to the BLUETTI Balcony Solar System purchase page. :)