Stacking two AC500 on top of each other

Can I safely place two AC500 units on top of each other ?

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@Bikerwally Two AC500 units can be stacked, kindly no worries.


Hi @Bikerwally

AC300 and AC500 arent that heavy. I see people that place like 4x B300 on the top of the AC300 or AC500 and this dont seemed to be a problem either.


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Thanks for the swift reply :+1: !

I thought so, just to be sure :blush:

That’s a lot, but sometimes you have to puzzle a bit because of the short connection cables.


Why would you stack 4 batteries on an AC…?
It’s better to stack 4 batteries and then the AC… on top, like I did.
Or do some people lie on the floor to look at the display? LoL

I dont know… but there are people that stacks the battery on top of the inverter Unit. My preference is clearly to stack it on the top^^