Stacking B300 on their side

G’day all,
I was just wondering if Bluetti allows for the B300 battery packs to be stacked on their end instead of sitting on top of each other. I have limited space in my RV and stacking them side to side on their end (handle end down) would work better.
Will the electronics inside be ok bouncing around in my RV on their ends? (strapped down on a rubber mat of course)


I would not recommend placing the B300 on its side simply due to the “bouncing around in the RV” that you mentioned. You have a very heavy battery inside the case that is held to the case by “something” and I would not want to spend that kind of money and bounce the B300 around on the road since that would increase the possibility of the heavy components breaking loose inside. But that is just my personal opinion.

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I agree with Scott. I reviewed my B300 battery and I deducted that the lithium iron phosphate cells are attached to the base, but without opening the B300 itself, I cannot determine if the cells have any lateral support to the case inside, maybe to each other with cooling space between cells. So I also do not recommend setting the B300 on its side or on its top in a moving vehicle. If the B300 was stored on its side for a long period, the base attachment can weaken with time (it cannot violate the Law of Gravity!).

Make space inside your van if you need to carry the B300 as it should.


Thanks gents.
That is what I figured also but I saw Hobotech reviewing the AC 300 and he had a B300 on it’s side (stationary on the desk for space saving while testing I assume)