Stacking B300 and AC200MAX

I have just ordered a B300 Battery to go with my AC200MAX. Most pictures show them being stacked with the battery on the bottom and AC200MAX on the top. Is this the correct way to do it or are they not meant to be stacked ?

I have two B230s and AC200Max and the batteries are on the bottom and the AC200max is on top. No problem.

I have an AC200max and a B300. In the B300 manual it says not to stack anything on the B300. In the advertising pictures it shows the AC200Max and the AC300 stacked on the B300. So the manual is wrong or the advertising pictures are wrong. This question has been addressed before on the forum. I believe the consensus was the stack and not worry about damaging the battery.

Thanks for the replies that is what confused me, the pictures in the manuals contradict the text in the manuals.

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