Stack AC300's?

Can I stack two AC300’s? Have one AC300 on two B300’s - but would like to stack my second AC300 on top of everything. Would be 4x tall - two B300’s, then two AC300’s.


2 AC300 can be hooked with a fusion box accessory to create a 240V split phase output. Is that how you want to stack them?

I stacked 4xB300 + 1x AC300 on top of each other. This is possible without any problems.

Previously I asked Bluetti support whether one AC300 could support the weight of another AC300, and their answer was yes. I also asked whether it’s supported to have two AC300’s and two B300’s in a single stack (two AC300’s on top, two B300’s on the bottom), and Bluetti support indicated that they don’t recommend such configuration because the battery cables might not be long enough. I found that (on my units) the battery cables are long enough (some of the official Bluetti videos made the battery cables seem shorter than they really are), even though Bluetti officially does not recommend this stacking configuration.

I thought it was about the stress of the weight…sorry