Special limited time only group price on AC200MAX!

OK Members, We were Awarded a Special Coupon just for this group for the AC200MAX bringing down to Only $1899. You can share the coupon with your friends. Here’s the code: SPRINGAC200MAX

Get it now before the code expires!!

Here’s the link to the unit!


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Wow, Great Coupon. That’s only $1899. That really low.

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Per your post, I entered the code SPRINGAC200MAX at checkout and it only lowered the price to $1999. Can you advise how to get the $1899 price?

Anything for us Canadians?

@dmconkli Weird… I just got it to work for me… are you sure you’re on the correct page by chance?


@snowstorm Currently, that sale is only for US customers, :frowning: but let me reach out to them and see?? Can’t hurt to ask at least!

Any sale package with two B230’s?

@markieboy711 I didnt see any specials for a pair of B230’s but I know they have $400 Off coupon for a single B230 which drops it down to $1399 each. That code is B230 and can be found here…


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@markieboy711 Or if you’re looking for a Max and 2xB230’s there is this one that drops it $898 in price?? Code: AC200Max2B230 and can be found here…


It worked for me this morning. I typed the code in vs. copy/paste and it worked. Thank you for your help. I am waiting for an answer from service@bluettipower.com regarding connection to the RV outlet so I cannot use the coupon until I hear from them. I hope it doesn’t expire.
Don Conklin

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@dmconkli Glad ya got it to work! And whats your question regarding connecting to the RV Outlet? Maybe one of us on here or @BLUETTI can assist?

I had three questions;

  1. I read that some units have a defect with reverse polarity on the dc output. How can I make sure the unit I purchase does not have this defect?
  2. For my use I need to connect to the 12V/30A outlet on the Bluetti. Is a connector for this included and if not, what is the part number of the cable/connectors(s) I need to connect to 8ga wires.
  3. Is my service after the sale any different if I purchase a Bluetti product from Amazon vs. directly from Bluetti?

I appreciate your quick response on email with the offer to assist. I tried to call your company during business hours yesterday and nobody picked up. This reinforces my confidence.

Don C.

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Hi I got a couple of answers for you. I think the reverse polarity was an early issue. I ordered my unit and two B230’s in October and receive them in December. No polarity issue with the AC200Max. No connector is included for the 12V/30A DC, it just has the receptacle for it.

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OK thanks, I just placed my order. Order BLUETTI-US18665

Hello @snowstorm,

Thank you for asking.
AC200MAX is $130 off for Canadians.

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Hi @dmconkli,

Thank you for purchasing from us!

  1. We have resolved the reverse polarity issue. So pls don’t worry, you won’t get the reverse polarity.
  2. Yes, we have the cable for that. But I’m sorry that it is additional, you need to buy it. For input it is XT60-DC7909. For output, it is Aviation-XT60, XT60-SPC45.
  3. No, there is no difference. We will offer you the best service after sale no matter where you buy. Pls feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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@dmconkli Hey Don! Heres a link to the RV Cable or 12V/30a output cable that you can wire up to your existing DC fuse box.


Thanks for the info!!

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I have just gotten the AC 200 Max delivered Saturday night. After reading the material and now joining this group I see this special price. Any chance I can get a credit back or credit towards other purchases?

Unfortunately @Cessna310 I can’t give you an answer on that as I don’t work for @BLUETTI . But it wouldn’t hurt to shoot them an email and ask? Here’s their contact info…