Special Call Out to a Special Bluetti Support Agent

I wanted to call out a special lady at Bluetti who went way beyond the call of duty to help me out of a jam.
I ordered the PS70 for a gift, but too late for the deadline. We went with the EB3a as a solid substitute for a gift for my son. After many trials and tribulations during the hectic Crowdfunding period, I made contact with Annie from Bluetti. She did the research and personally guided me through the ‘substitution process’ to fulfill the problem order. She didn’t have to reach so far, but she did. She was helpful, courteous, complete with her requested steps. I followed her instructions and my son got his EB3a. He is delighted and a satisfied member of the community. And I am a satisfied dad, and have to say thanks again, to Annie for guiding me through the process. Kevin in Livermore, CA.


@kwion Thanks for sharing this! Its always nice to hear things like this, and ill do what I can to pass it along to her!


Although i specifically called out Annie, i know there are more caring folks behind the scenes, who have helped me. Lolita and Ashley are two other memorably helpful Bluetti team members.
I have one more ‘review’ to write and will mention their names also, especially if it helps their standing with their peers and the Bluetti community.



@kwion Thank you for your recognition of our support team and the crowdfunding team. I have passed it on to the corresponding department colleagues for you.
Your encouragement will make BLUETTI feel more motivated. :partying_face:

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@kwion Thanks again Kevin! Im stoked to hear about your positive experiences and will absolutely pass it along! We appreciate your support and kind words, as alot of the time, all people hear about is the negative experiences! haha thanks again man