SP350 Portal Solar Panels

I always see and read about Bluetti SP120 and SP200 but the other day I saw some Bluetti SP350 panels on Amazon. I have never seen any reviews or discussions on them. Does anyone know anything about them outside of what is on Amazon? Are they legit made by Bluetti? They seem like larger versions of the SP200.

First time I’ve seen them, looks legit.

Hi @Stpadron,

Thank you for your attention.
Yes, pls rest assure that they are legit make by BLUEETI. They are new, so there aren’t any reviews about them.

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If you can, post the output specifications here so other Bluetti forum members can read about them. You will generate more interest to buy them. I can assume that their output voltage is much higher, probably about 48 volts so those 350 watts come at 8 A.

Technical Specifications

Model SP350
Peak Power 350W
Lamination ETFE
Cell Efficiency Up to 23.5%
Max. Power Voltage (Vmp) 35V
Max. Power Current (Imp) 10A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 42V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 12A
Compatible Model AC200MAX/AC200P/EB150/EB240/AC300/EB200P/EB500
Dimension (Unfolded) 9027.2inch/2287691mm
Dimension (Folded) 26.827.2inch/683691mm
Weight 11.5kg/25.3lbs
Operating Temperature 14°F~150°F / -10°C~65°C

Looks pretty good!
Any info about water resistance?

IP65 Water-Resistant

Bluetti Admin thank you and everyone else for the responses.

Admin is there any consideration to make the PV into a 350w system as well? I ask because of the shade factor that often comes with Texas trees and how much that affects the series SP panels.

Again thank you for the feedback and if anyone has any feedback on the SP type panels please feel free to add to the thread.

I have been to Texas several times but I don’t see any difference with tree shading. Maybe our Puerto Rican trees let the Sun through.

I think my question is geared toward Bluetti creating a panel system of 350w that is set up in parallel like that of the PV series. I ask this because in my particular situation I have a lot of trees in my backyard. As the sun moves across the sky or the earth rotates, which ever is the most accurate account, throughout the day often a tree gets between the sun and the panels creating shade. Shade in a series set up greatly impacts the watts generated.

Bluetti admin mentioned that the SP350 were new so I wanted to know if a PV350 was being developed.

I hope this helps clarify my comments about the trees.

Hi @Stpadron,

Thank you for your asking.
Sorry that I haven’t heard anything about PV350. I’ll let you know when it is available.

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