Sp350 portable solar panels

Was wondering if anyone has had Bluetti contact them on the issues we have and also saw others having with our portable SP350 solar panels. We have sent numerous emails for over a week and have yet to get any type of response. One of our solar panels are not working. We are not getting any input from it.We even changed to our other battery to assure it wasn’t our battery and it was not, our panel is not working and we are wanting a replacement or refund. We too have carefully taken care of it and our other one is working fine. Not getting up to the potential we were told, but as least that one is bring in wattage. So, Bluetti, if you are reading these, please contact us. If you have had issues with your SP350 panels, please let us know. We will continue to get this rectified or take further actions. Hope all gets taken care of.

Just purchased (sp350) today; I am very interested to read replies. I hope these work well, they are expensive. I understand from reading many posts (not just here) that you really don’t get the full wattage as claimed. In other words, a 350-watt panel is likely to give you less than 350 watts on average and in general. I know there is a platitude of other variables, just want to keep my expectations “in check” and not get worried my panels are defective. No wattage, on the other hand, is completely unacceptable. Hope you keep us updated on how your matter gets remedied.

Hi @DuAlac22 ,We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
Did you send your email to service@bluettipower.com? If so, please send us a private message with your email address. We will check with support first and have them prioritize your email.

We have been sending emails to everyone, including you, for weeks. We sent everything you asked , yet haven’t received a response. It’s been almost a month getting run around. We are not on any social medias for you to respond to, just emails, and we have sent plenty of them. We also just sent another email on why our other orders are not on our order history and why we can not look at what we have registered, to verify they went through. Not happy with your company at the moment, you need to fix these issues.

Multiple emails to multiple different areas of company with pictures and verification of purchase, yet no response from them. Good luck to you too.

Hi @DuAlac22 , We are very sorry. We can’t see the content of your messages or emails on other platforms due to the different departments. Did the support team get back to you?
If you haven’t received a reply, could you send me the order number again please?
Thank you so much and please accept our sincere apology.

Thank you for finally getting back to me and replacing my two SP350’s. They are currently working (three days running) and producing ~450w for a couple hours at max peak output time of day. Rest of the day ~5hrs - output goes up to ~220w peak from early day to max peak time, then down again until zero at one hour before sunset. Will monitor for next couple weeks as they are deployed and follow up with an update. Again, thank you for finally following up and replacing defective equipment and satisfying your customers complaint! :grinning: