SP350 Panels Failed - Again!

Have not had a good experience with the Bluetti SP350 panels. We had a set (2) which failed after three months of on and off use, not continuous. They started out producing a combined input to the AC300 w/2B300’s of approximately 550w. Over the next three months they both gradually went to zero output! After a about a three month back and forth with the non-existent Bluetti online support, we finally were able to convince a forum Bluetti respondent to send new replacement SP350’s to us! A month later, without any tracking nor response to our inquiry’s - two SP350 panels showed up via FedEx!!! Great! But all is not well, as these too have failed with the same history as the first set, finally going to zero output after about five months of intermittent use! So, Bluetti, if you are listening - please replace these with panels which will work for more than a few months! This is pathetic, for the price of these they should at least last for five years of continuous use!!! If Bluetti can’t/wont replace this with newer technology panels (PV400???) then at least refund our money! I use this forum as a contact since Bluetti does not respond to email, phone, text, etc!!! AND, WE ARE NOT FACEBOOK USERS!!! WILL NEVER BE!!!

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@DuAlac22 Did you test the voltage of the solar panel? Please provide me with the order number and purchase platform, then I will reach the CS department to help you.

Yes I too am having this problem and have been corresponding with Bluetti Customer services for along time and have sent them Photos and videos of the panels performance as well as talking to an engineer but all to not avail.
My panel was showing 42.2volts input on the multimeter but the current to the ACMAX was only recording 90watts on an exceptionally bright sunny day this using the panel through the DS050S.
I too am feeling very frustrated with the issue and have purchased quite a few of there products without incidence, and yes the cost of this panel is very high but it it would seem the reliability is very low for said product.

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@Reddragon Could you please provide me with your order number and purchase platform and I can reach the CS and I will reach the CS department to help you?

Hi Bluetti care he is the details. Order number:



Yes, sent all this info to BLUETTI already! Did you read my post? I’ve been down this road before, know what I’m talking about and what to do!! You need to do your part -BLUETTI!!! And, stop apologizing - it is condescending as it is a canned response!! I’ve read all your forums and it shows up in every one of them!!! Not a proper response when many people are having the same problem!!! Just fix it!! Thanks!

@Reddragon The CS department will contact you ASAP. Please check your emial.

@DuAlac22 May I know who you contacted? If we confirm the details and there is a problem with the SP350, we will send you PV350 as a replacement.

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As we have not heard back from your “CS” department yet after more than two weeks I can’t respond to you as to whom we’ve “talked” to! Only the service@bluettipower.com address is our only “correspondence” contact we have. The details were sent to said address, with photos of the required zero output from the SP350 panels. This is no way to do business! PLEASE, just take care of our defective units in a timely manner so we can get some solar going into our expensive Bluetti power bank as soon as possible! Thank you!

@DuAlac22 Please message me with the order number in private and we can check the reference details and solve it ASAP. Thank you.

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I have no idea how to message you in private, since this is the only way we seem to get any response of any kind from this company. We did not get an order number since these were replacements that you sent us for the first two we ordered off Amazon. The order number from them was 112-5893499-8497827I. We sent you a copy of our order from Amazon on 10/7/2022. If you go under your service-us, we received a response from you on 10/12/22, stating it was a late reply that you sent us the tracking numbers for the two SP350 replacements. They were 279035926156 and 279035948253 thru FedEx, and was signed by Max. You did not give us any PRIVATE address to email you , so how do you expect us to do that? We have seen multiple times on here and on videos, that you are having issues with these panels. With what we paid, we would like some that actually work more then 6 months. When plugged into your systems, they tell us, with full sun, they are NOT producing. We need some that actually work !!! You need to take care of your customers, and as seen through here and videos, your company is not. We like the AC’s we have, but without good panels, they are worthless.

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@DuAlac22 Thanks for the information. They will contact you via Amazon. Please check the message.

Here is what we received from Amazon;
Please work with them and get our PV 350 replacements to us for the defective SP350’s!
Thank you in advance, as the next step if unresolved is legal action and return of our money!

As this is the only way we’ve been able to correspond (public forum) I can only apologize to those reading this for the exposure to a private matter has to be resolved in this manner!

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Hi Brenda,
Thank you for your kind reply.

I will send you 3 new SP350 solar panels (due to our company PV350, we are not the same company as BULETTI and therefore cannot send you PV350).
can i send it to the below address?
Brenda S.
5 Sch
R, Y. ….0

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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I sent you two different pictures with two different readings for our two panels already. Also sent you pictures how they were layed out. Not sure why you are asking for more. They were in the other email I sent along with the one with our address.
We don’t want the same panels as we told you, we have (4) and they don’t work. We were told by Bluetti they were replacing these, through you with the PV 350 ones. You should have that information as we sent it to Bluetti who sent us to you. We are getting very upset of having to repeat our information. You need to read, look and figure it out. Our order number was 112-5893499-8497827 from Amazon, 2 sets.
You will notice two different numbers, they are from two different panels and the other picture is from our system showing nothing was coming in. Don’t understand why you need my number, I do everything in writing, Amazon and Bluetti already have my number. This needs to be taken care of with panels that actually going to work more than a few months, if you can not do that, we want a full refund for both sets. Thank you. Brenda S.

See response from DuAlac22 to BLUETTI and Amazon - thank you!

@DuAlac22 Let me check with KIKI. If I have any updates, I will let you know.

@DuAlac22 I’m sorry we are not the same company and they didn’t sale PV350, therefore they can’t send you PV350. KIKI is already applying to his superiors for this issue, if there is any update, she will contact you.

Obviously you are VERY confused!!! Are you BLUETTI or not? Do you make/manufacture for sale SP350 Photovoltaic panels and PV350 PV panels? If so then you are very capable of making this situation go away! Amazon is a seller of YOUR product! If the seller doesn’t have the PV350 - then send them to them! OR BETTER YET just ship us the PV350’s and we will consider this matter closed! Of course only as far as the PV350’s work as advertised and for an extended period of time (like YEARS instead of weeks/a month or two!!!). You - BLUETTI can fix this, so do so!!! Thank you in advance.

@DuAlac22 Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience. They offer me two solutions: send you SP350 or refund. May I know your idea?