Sp350 or Pv350

I have 3 sp350 solar panels, i also have 3 eb240’s. 2 ac200p’s, and 2 ep500pro’s. Obviously, i am a collector…lol. I also have 16 renology (sp) 100w solar panels. I live in Virginia, east coast. I bought them as they came out…then newer and better models were released… i have not set up the 100 w panels but i do have 2 step downs for the solar panels. QUESTION: SHOULD I BUY 3 PV350’S…is it worth it compared to sp350 solar panels??? Thanks for any and all advice, suggestions, and comments.


@Pmk1001 You can click on the following thread to learn more about the differences between the SP and PV series.

PV series is more recommended (newer version and better craftsmanship)

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Oh great, i ask this my self for a long time. So they are internal wired diffently. Thats a pretty big point to choose PV over SP Series.

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