SP200 Solar Extension Cable

I purchased the Acopower 14 AWG 20’ Solar Extension Cable for my AC200’s to connect with my SP120 panels.

A friend of mine is looking to purchase a bundle due to the sale Bluetti is having and it will consist of an AC200P with 3 -SP200 panels.

I want to recommend an extension cable but it looks like the Acopower I purchased is only good for up to 120W panels.

What solar extension cable would you recommend for this application?

As always, thank you in advance!

The Acopower cable you purchased will work with multiple panels connected in series. I would have no problem recommending connecting three SP200 panels in series and using the ACO power extension cable to connect them to the AC200P. There are other options on Amazon that will give you a heavier ga. cable but it is not needed operating at a maximum 700 watts of incoming charge power and most of the time it will be well below that. I run multiple panels up to 100’ with the same cable and experience very little loss of voltage. You will hear from people however that will say that you need a thick (10 ga.) cable or you will experience voltage losses. That is not my opinion and it has also not been my experience in the real world. The smaller ga. wire of extension cables make them a great match for portable panels. If I were installing a permanent set up, I would go with larger wire but not with portable.

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Thanks Scott, I will let him know.

I was just concerned as the description for the Acopower extension cable says -
" ACOPOWER 20 Feet 14AWG Solar Extension Cable with MC-4 Female and Male connectors for 50W 70W 80W 105W 120W Portable Solar Panel (HY-EXT-20FT)"

and doesn’t list 200W as an option.

Here is what I purchased (oh and by the way, it works great with my 4 - SP120’s!) -

I think the product description is just listing which of their brand of solar panels this cable will fit. In truth, the MC4 connectors are industry standard and will connect to any unit having MC4 connections. I have several of the 20’ extension cables above and like them primarily for their ease of handling and storage. I connect several units together for longer lengths without issues. I have also made several of my own 12 ga and a few 10 ga cables and all perform the same without voltage drop.

With the 200 watt panels connected in series, the wire is only carrying the maximum amps (electrical current) of a single panel. The voltage of all the connected panels are added together and as long as that does not exceed 150 volts all is good. The higher the voltage, the more electricity a given wire size will carry and the AC200 ability to input high voltage input charging makes it a perfect fit for smaller diameter cables.

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Thanks Scott.

We should have a new member here shortly as my friend made the bundle purchase!

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