SP200 Panels No Longer Working

I get no output from my SP200 solar panels. Just stopped working.

I’ve had a SP200 panel for about year. I’ve used it ~20 times during camping. When I first got it, it would put out about 180w in full sun.

During July 4th weekend, I noticed I couldn’t get more than 90w out of the panel in full afternoon sun. Didn’t think much of it at the time.

3 days ago, I got to set up the panels again to charge my EB70 and now I get no output from the panels. I checked the cables, swapped with a new MC4 cable, two different Eb70…no luck.

The panels have never seen water, been lightly used. Any ideas?

I emailed CS but they are silent of course.

Hi @mcgong177 , We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
Due to the surge in email volume, the response time for emails from the support department at service@bluettipower.com is approximately 72 hours.
Have you received a reply by now? If not, please let us know your email address and we will check it for you. Thank you.

Thank you for response.
It is mcgong@gmail dot com

@mcgong177 Thanks for the info.
We have notified support to prioritize your email. The team will get back to you within 12 hours, please check your inbox for email from service@bluettipower.com. Thank you for your patience!

Update: I was able to work with Bluetti CS and get my issue resolved.
It did take a while to get their attention at first but once I got a response, the process was seamless after that. Kudos to their CS for helping to resolve my issue.

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What was the resolution (just curious)?

I was able to RMA the panel.
I sent their CS a video of my issue, and they opened an RMA for me. Since I live close to one of their Depots, I received a newer PV200 panel as a replacement.

Once you get their attention, they are very responsive.

I also found them very responsive and quick with my damaged PV-200s. They offered me a discount for the damage if I was willing to fix it myself (which I would have been if not for…), then immediately sent an RMA and return label for the damaged panels when I discovered that the panel had a crack in addition to the initial obvious damage they had from shipping. About as pain-free as you could possibly ask for a return, I’m happy and my image of the company has not been hit as a result.

I sent pictures of both damage spots with my initial service contact request, they never asked for anything in particular.