SP200 Panels - defective?

We’ve had major issues after purchasing 3 panels originally along with our AC200P, we are now down to only 1 panel as we have done the voltage test on each when my Bluetti is reading 0 input on a very bright day - so I am finding that once the test that is usually 23.4 reads below 19, they are failing and therefore the entire string fails. I have contacted Customer Service - Juy 19, 2023. Justin was nice, put in a ticket and said I should get a reply within 48 hours. I called the following day after testing the panels individually on my own and told him (got Justin again) that they should recommend to customers to do that before they call, and he said he would add the numbers to the ticket. Well, it was July 25th before I received a reply - but get this, it went to my Junk as it was from “KIKI” with no indication it was even from Bluetti. Her email was not even associated with Bluetti. What kind of Customer Service handles their business in this way, without identifying the Subject line directly. What was in the subject line was my original Amazon Number (Oct '21) followed by SP200 - but they all ran together and I would not have seen it if I had not called again today, July 31st to ask why I had not gotten the promised email. I was told then that I did receive one - check your spam. Poor communications on Bluetti’s part in my book. Kiki told me to do what I had already done and send pictures of the readings - Really? A customer that has spent over $3000 with their company and I’m being questioned about my request? Incredible! Has anyone else experienced anything so disappointing with Bluetti? We still don’t have a resolution and I live on a mountain and need all three of my panels to power my home. I feel that these panels are defective - could that be? Time keeps ticking - with no real result from Bluetti. So sorry for this outcome. I will reply to KIKI, but honestly I am not feeling confident that my issue will be resolved.

Sorry to hear about your problem, just posted a new article about my issues with Bluetti Australia, we don’t seem to be the only ones, their CEO promises the world in a recent video but here we are both having issues.

Hopefully our issues are heard but not holding my breath.

Time for legal action I feel!

@RThurston I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I contacted Kiki and she replied that she is ready for sending you the replacement. Please check her emails.

If you read my complete thread, I am down 2 panels, not just one. I did receive notice from Kiki for replacement of one panel - but I will need two. Please advise.


@RThurston Your case is followed by Kiki. I have forward your request to her. Kindly provide her with your address and she will process your case.

I replied to Kiki this morning with full information. Thank you for your action on this. Hopefully others will have as much care as you have given me.


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@RThurston I’m glad to help you. Have a nice day!

Keep getting a reply from Kiki that she is sending only 1 panel. My understanding was that you were in communication with her for sending two - can you confirm with her?

Also my 3rd panel is yellowed. I have only used these for maybe 4 months and from what I am reading, the yellow is an indication that they are burning out - maybe you should replace all three of them! I am surely frustrated at the unreliability of the panels you are selling - costly at that!


@RThurston I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Let me check with her. If I got any update, I will let you know ASAP.

@RThurston Kiki replied me she will send you 2 SP200 and the tracking number is update, please check your emails.