SP200 not available any more?

Hi to all of you. Do I get this right? The SP200 series is gone and the succsessor PV200 is not compatitable? So if I want a fourth solar panel to the three existing I start from scratch?

Please tell me I’m wrong!

Hi @Magnus , Yes, it is true that our SP series and PV series solar panels are not compatible and cannot be used at the same time. Also, you can buy SP200 solar panel in Amazon, here is the purchase link, hope it can help you.:blush:

Not available :frowning:

@BLUETTI Why can’t these be connected in parallel?

The specs for the SP200 are:
Vmp 20v
Imp 10a
Voc 24v
Short circuit current 11a

The PV200 are:
Vmp 20.5v
Imp 9.7a
Voc 26.1v
Short circuit current 10.3a

I get that the limits for parallel will be limited to 20v and 19.4a, and in series they would be limited to 40v and 9.7a, but why are you saying to not connect them? I have one of each and need to know as they are very costly to not be able to connect together. Thanks!

Not sure why they don’t work together. Cheapest way seem to be the D050s. Use it with one panel and the sp-input channel ofvthe acmax with the other.

The internal circuitry of solar panels is not consistent from model to model. The connection may cause unknown risks and not work properly.

I get that it may not work properly, all I need to know if if there is any reason not to do it as in will anything short out? Different wattage panels can be connected together, although their output will be limited by amps in parallel or by volts in series. I don’t care if I am limited in either by connecting these together, I just don’t want a puff of smoke and to end up with two dead panels if I do for some reason I am not aware of. Thanks!

@Drivenwon :Were you able to find out anything more specific than"may not work"? I did not find any specific information why the panels should not work together.