SP200 no longer provide output

Both of my SP200 are no longer producing power and we’re heading to Albuquerque for the balloon festival in a couple of weeks. I understand it takes some time for a response from support which I have sent an email, if there is anything that can be done so I can get this resolved in time to take them with me.

What power station are you using? If you have a multimeter, measure the open circuit voltage on both of the panels which, in full sun, should be around 24V. Have they been exposed to rain? Do you see any visible damage, cracks or burn marks on them? Check the cables for any exposed wires and ensure your MC4 connectors have been fully plugged in.

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Hi @dsatwork , sorry for inconvenience caused.
And we suggest you refer to @bxm6306 's method to troubleshoot the problem first.
Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Great customer service by Venessa and replacement panels are on the way. Simply had to make a video showing the problem and I’ll be back up and ready for the Albuquerque Balloon Festival in plenty of time. Thanks for being a great company and hiring quality customer service reps.