SP120 output problem

I have 2 SP120 panels one panel quit working.
0v output.
Other one working fine.
Both were working this morning then I lost PV output on the AC200. (Series)
Checked all panels in the setup all working except this one.
Any way to get into the panel connection in back to check wire connection?

Did the wire get pulled out of the box and possibly ripped loose or did you remove the grommet? I don’t know how the cover is installed, but I would think it snaps into place and could be unsnapped.

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I pulled the grommet out of the box to see what the wires looked like. I don’t see a way to unsnap the box. The mc4 ends won’t come apart like the ones I have. The " compression" ring looks like all one piece. Rechecked voltage after being unhooked for an hour+ still nothing. Can feel the wires inside attached to each panel from the back side. Don’t feel any loose. They seem to be connected securely. Stumped.

Also without breaking it I tried to pry on the box a little… Doesn’t un snap. Seems securely connected to the backing/fabric.

Good luck getting help from the company. They have been super un-helpful post-Indiegogo. Very disappointing.

The company email reply was almost silly. Mark Yue is on it for me. We’ll see how it goes.

Mark Yue was a big help. Thanks for stepping in Mark! UPS label printed waiting for pickup. Subsequent emails from service have been better… Still not perfect but I’ve had no problems with Bluetti. Better translation would be a help there.