SP 120 caught on fire

Today while Boondocking, I was charging my AC200P with four SP120 foldable panels. Luckily I just happen to glance over and noticed smoke coming from one of the panels. I ran over and one of the frames was in flames. I unplugged it and took this photo. The panel is only 10 months old. Has anyone had this happen or explain what might have caused this. There are small bubbles under the panel surrounding the burn. 20211115_114319|225x500

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first time I have seen something like this. Can you give us a little more detail surrounding the issue? What have been the use and storage conditions of the panels? Did you notice any damage to the panel in this area prior to the incident? What were the sun conditions and temperature at the time? My first reaction was that the panel shorted internally either due to external damage or a crease?

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Air temp was 70 clear sunny day. They had been connected for about an hour. I had used them the day before without issue. Temperature that day was about 84. Panels have been stored indoors all closed and leaning upright in a closet. They are very well cared for and handeled appropriately.

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I don’t see how a small section of a solar panel would have so much electrical power flowing through to generate heat and burst into flames. But a small plastic bubble may act as a convex lens and concentrate the Sun’s power and generate the energy to produce flames. It may be a manufacturing defect. Too bad the fire destroyed that evidence.

Wow, yea I’ve never seen this before in one of these portable panels but @BLUETTI will be able to look into this further. Glad you were able to catch it when you did!

So weird, I also never see this situation. Please get in touch with our customer service at: service@bluettipower.com. @Fig

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Mine just caught fire today. 5o degrees fahrenheit outside temp. Panel is less than
a year old.

I feel your pain. It happened to me 2 weeks ago. I hope these are very isolated incidents. I am now very weary about leaving my panels unattended, which will put a bit of a hardship on my boondocking. Contact Bluetti customer service with photos and details. They were quick to respond and are sending me a replacement that is scheduled for delivery 12/1. Good luck.

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Amazingly the panel was still outputting power from the other cells. Def have better things to do than watch the panels charging

Hi tkphoto,

Sorry for the problem.
Please contact our customer service for help. We will reply within 24 hours.

Same thing happened to me with the same model while charging with 120volt. I don’t believe these are isolated instances and I am deeply concerned about the safety of BLUETTI power stations now.

@JeremyV We understand that incidents involving our product may have caused concern about its safety. We want to assure you that our product has undergone rigorous testing and certification. Could you please provide me with your order number and I will help you with this problem?