Some questions about EB3A

First of all apologies for my english.
A few days ago the EB3A power station arrived.

ARM version v2053.07
DSP version v2052.04

I guess it’s normal that the battery would run out with the AC active but without connecting anything to the 230v plug, I think that even if it has a 0W charge, the inverter stays working, since the EB3A gets hot.
It was at 70% and in 8 hours with the Ac pilot active I found it at 2%.

Another question :

I see that my 100W solar panel is connected, and with 18V if there is no direct sun it does not charge, I have read that it needs 1A of sun to activate the MPPT,

Is it possible to charge my external Lifepo4 battery and connect it directly to the EB3A, or would it be necessary to increase the voltage of my lifepo4 to 24V?

Solar panel to PWM 10A to Lifepo4 12.8V to Input EB3A MPPT DC8mm connector


Solar panel to pwm 10A to Lifepo4 and pwm load"ouput" to Input EB3A MPPT DC8mm connector

I hope you can understand my English.

You can conect directly to your battery which would be the same as car charging mode and be limited to approx. a 100 watt max input rate. Yes, if you leave your EB3a on it will drain the battery the same way if you leave the keys on in a vehicle without the engine running, the battery will be drained. You will need direct sun on your solar panel in order to charge.

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