SolarAc 200Max getting only 9 Watts out of panels

I have (2) 450 watt solar panels, Not Bluetti I connect to the solar input of the Ac 200max and it shows I get between 9-14 watts on sunny day. New solar panels. I can connect in series or parallel same effect. Am I doing something wrong or is there something in the setup.

We need more info:
What is the batteries SOC% displayed on the screen or App ?? If near 100%, the charge controller in the power station will reduce the solar power, Watts, input. PV power will go to 0 Watts at 100%.

I was around 49%. On the display.

I think I have to bad solar panels, I connected the 200-watt Bluetti solar panel to the AC200Max and it seems to be running around 100-130 watts of solar. Time to return the other flex panels.