Solar with my EB240

So I am getting ready to mount a solar panel on my van…have a 360 Watt LG panel that has open circuit output of 41.6V / 10.8 A with MPP output of 35.1 V / 10.3 A. So I would like to maximize the solar input by adding a Bluetti PV200 (open circuit output 26.1 V/10.3 A) when parked.
Will this work??

I say no.
You cannot put the panels in series because you will exceed the VOC voltage of the EB240 and you cannot mix the two panels because of the different voltages, 41 and 26 will pull down the total voltage.
Sorry, I had the same problem and the EB240 needs a better MPPT controller to make it useful.

So wiring them in series would exceed the VOC voltage of the EB240 and it will cutoff the charge??
If I wire them in parallel, it would bring the voltage down to 26 but the current would be doubled, right? Would the EB240 then cutoff the charge because it exceeded 10 amps??

yes and yes. My EB240 sits on the shelf and I will use it if I need it, I charge it every few months.

It would simply ignore anything above 10 amps. It should not refuse to charge at all, it should just use 10 amps of what’s available to it.

It should work, but I have not mix panels. I would be careful about the higher voltage to the other panel. Some people uses two controller to the panels and use one battery bank, you could try that.

I agree that I wouldn’t do it, but it’s not the “OMG we’re gonna die” stuff that some like to say it is. Nor would I expect equipment to refuse to charge from it entirely; volts and amps are volts and amps, and as long as what the unit receives is within spec, it doesn’t care what the array looks like. Worst case it will probably result in a rather suboptimal output.

I have an HQST 100w monocrystaline panel connected in series to a 120w no name/no sticker flex panel. Yesterday was a sunny day and input to my EB240 with three bars was 180w. The difference in watts between my two panels and what you propose is significantly less. I can’t remember what the combined voltage is, but it was under 60v so I thought I’d give it a try.

Well, I have connected the solar panel and completed the wiring to the EB240…maybe I won’t need the extra solar…I am getting about 220 watts of charge with the panel laying flat on the roof (although I have it mounted with a tilting capability) with a low winter sun on a sunny day…when I first tested the panel on the ground at various orientations I was only getting between 120 to 150 watts…
I will try it with just this panel for a while

Let’s see if I understand… EB2400 if empty charged at 220 would take 11 hours at 220 watts. When you took the measurements how long was 220 watts being charged? Recommend you take a measurement about every hour…
Second isn’t the EB240 need to be charged when below 20% (480 watt hours) to prevent a reduction in number of charging cycles?
Third the real problem is how much load do you really have?