solar to ac180p

Hello. Can I connect Hiku5 Mono solar to ac180p 500w VOC 53.7V but Imp is 11.12 A ? Thank

yes you can since the 53.7 volts is under the upper limit of the AC180. I would however verify the proper polarity of the solar panel cables to insure that it is correct and matches the input of the AC180.

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Thank tou sir. I just want to know if the input current of the panel is 11.12A and not 10 A. Isn’t that a problem? I’m sorry, I don’t understand anything about electricity.

Going over the current limit is no problem as the unit self limits by capping the input at 10 amps. Going over the voltage limit is a problem.

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I have ac180 and want to connect 4/100 watt fixed solar panels should I do this in series or parallel ? The panels are 18V and 5.56 A thx for the help

Please read the panel specifications thoroughly and confirm that 18 volt is the VoC.
If so, 18*4=72 which is over the maximum voltage of 60 V accepted by the AC180, so you’ll want to go with a 2S2P configuration:

  • Take 2 panels and connect them in series.
  • Take the other 2 panels and connect them in series.
  • Of the resulting 2 pairs, connect both of them in parallel to the AC180 with two t-branch connectors (2 to 1).

Please check the polarity 2, 3, 4 times while doing so and use the correct male/female connectors.