Solar shading

Well I installed the new 505w solar panel to feed my little monsters. Thought I was all done. But had some shading in the very bottom of the panel o how it affected the performance of the panel. Dropped the power by over half. We all really need to look out for shading and choose carefully where they go. Just waiting for the sun to come out and see what the numbers are. :blush::partly_sunny:


How it is now.

What are your thoughts about shading. ??

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Way better now! Shadows are evil for solar owners^^

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@Ktt Looks much better, my friend! And that should make things easier to clean as well.

Ye much better was getting 360w @9.3amp perfect panel for the ac180.

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Definitely shading is not our friends when it comes to solar. You just don’t realise just how much it can impact the panel. Gone now though.

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I hate shading. I have some large tree’s in my yard that causes shading at different times of day and different times of year. The main culprit currently is a huge pine tree. These tree’s are from the late 1700’s.