Solar problem

Everything is plug and i have only a input voltage between 25v and 26v but nothing else so the solar panel dont charge
No input current, no input power, no generatio energy.
I try to charge it with the adapter and it work.
Can somebody help me please

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@Derceto ? your kind of question :slight_smile:

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Hi William,
Welcome to the forum!
Few questions to begin with:

  • what solar power generator do you have?
  • what solar panels do you have? Model reference, or pictures of the label will do (with voltages, design power, “Voc” and all)
  • how did you wire the panels? Series, parallel, how many…
  • Do you have other test hardware (panels, generator) ? This to compare the results, and ensure that your sunlight conditions, exposure, angle of your setup.

Also, let us know if you did any voltage test (multimeter).

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Thanks for the fast reply

  • i have the ac200p for solar power generator
  • i have the renogy 175w flexible solar panel 1X
    I did not the the solar panel on a other device but the power station charge when i plug it with the wall adapter
    When i plug only the adapter for the solar panel i have ~25v as input voltage but no input current, no input power, no generation energy
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Referring to the manual, the solar input voltage is too low.


You should put a second panel in series / or replace your panel for a higher voltage, or use a DC050S Charging Enhancer.


I correct and complete my answer. The manual also indicates a car charging mode that accepts an input voltage of 23V-28.8V.
If you preferably configure it on “CAR” instead of “PV” , maybe it can work. But I don’t know in this case if you have the mppt.

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