Solar panels not working or overloading

Hi, I have a power oak system AC200p I also have 3 sp200 panels however I cannot get the PV to charge the system… there is a voltage input but no current or power etc…
I have tried running the panels in series and I get an over voltage fault come up on the system…
am I doing something wrong or is there a problem with my system somewhere? The unit charges great off AC no problem but not solar…
your help would be much appreciated.

Hi @Samstarkie , sorry for inconvenience caused.
We recommend that you follow these steps to troubleshoot.

  1. Try car charging, can it be charged? (If the car can be charged, the host is normal. You can check the solar panel or connection cable problems)
  2. Whether the charging mode is selected correctly, PV choose PV mode, car charging choose Others.
  3. If the PV and car charging can not be charged, then check the conversion cable connected properly and tightened.
  4. If there is no problem with the conversion cable, it is generally the motherboard failure, please contact support department for repairing.

Thank you for your kind cooperations.

Ok so it’s working on two panels with 45v input with 17w power input but the battery is going down… it’s been on charge for 4 hours and I’ve lost 2% battery not added anything…! There is nothing pulling power at all apart from the screen being on…
any help?

I’ve plugged the AC in and in 15 mins it’s gone up to 98% and now charging at 200 w on solar as well…
Is this normal?
I didn’t think AC charging would be that quick

Select PV input on the settings screen

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