Solar panels for van life

I bought a Jackery 1500 and 200W Solar Panels 12V, Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit with High Efficiency Module PV Power 2 Pack. These will not charge the 1500 and im getting zero help from them so im returning it.

I want to get a bluetti now. Can anyone please just tell me what i need to buy to make this work?? What panels and/or adapters do I need to power the AC200P that can be mounted on my roof of the van? Thank you

Any panel or combination of panels that will output a minumum of 35 and a maximum of 150 volts connected in series. You will be limited to a maximum of 12 amps of input current. To make wiring simpler, only choose panels that have MC4 terminals or in the case of mounting to a van, you will most likely run your wires through a hole and then crimp on your MC4 terminals from the inside.

I know what a couple of those words mean haha.

I have

Will these work to power the AC200P? Or could you link the panels i need to get the job done? I have less than two months to figure this out and am starting to worry.

The panels in the link above you provided should work fine for the AC200P. Keep in mind that you have to have at least two of the panel and they must be connected in series in order for charging to occur. (Google connecting solar panels in series for examples)

The cable in your first link shown above is not needed for any of the install for the AC200P connected to solar panels. The panels you showed have MC4 wire connectors and the AC200P needs MC4 wiring connectors for input so everything is good. You will problably need some type of MC4 extension cable but since there is no way to know the length needed for your install, I do not have a recommendation. If you search on Amazon for “MC4 extension cables” there are several lengths and choices. Think of this as an extension cord to plug between the panels and the AC200P is this what i will need?

No…those are parallel connectors and you cannot connect your two panels with those connectors and have it charge an AC200P. If you did, you would not get any charging. You do not need any other adapters to connect your two panels together and then to the AC200 except maybe an MC4 extension cable. But again…I have no idea how long a distance you will have between your panels and the spot where you will be plugging in your AC200. Every install will be different and require a specific length of extension cable.

so these 4 panels will plug right into the ac200 and charge it? no y cable no adpaters… ?

Correct. But again…you may need an extension cable. You also mentioned above that about (2) panels and now you are asking about four panels but two or four would work fine.

i have 4 of them panels. i will look into making them each a series.

Something to maybe consider also… grab a couple foldable panels if you can. That way if you need to charge your station and it’s hot, you can park in the shade and run those out into the sun. And they will easily store away for when you get back on the road

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