Solar panels and ac200max charge problem

Hi i want to replace my current setup from 2 100ah lead acid batteries both 12.8v in series, to the ac200max i got delivered yesterday. I am wondering what is the problem i am having charging i connected my solar i have 2 100w flex panels (see pic) connected in series and i used both cables provided by bluetti to connect to the battery and i only get max 30 w of input power in clear skies and direct sunlight. Are the panels not strong enough for this system or? The other issue or question i have is when putting a load on the battery it doesnt register the amount of watts used until it hits 100 watts is that normal?

For further information this is for an apartment setup, the solar panels are on my balcony that has direct sunlight all day long.

  1. What voltage is being shown on the AC200Max PV detail screen when you tap on the PV input circle?
  2. Make sure you have the DC Input Source under settings set to PV and not Other
  3. Try plugging in one panel in at a time and noting down the voltage and power for each and the same with both connected in series.

Hi thank you for answering, volltage shows between 31 and 33 volts with both panels connected and max 45 watts in direct sunlight, pv is the source that is selected. With one panel connected it shows between 15 and 17 volts and max 26 watts in direct sunlight.

Ok, the voltages seem to be fine, a bit lower than expected. Are the panels pointed directly to the sun as far as direction and angle? Is there any shade on either panel?

Yes both panels recieve direct sun all day and no shadows, they are attached to my balcony on the top floor, i keep them cleaned.