Solar Panel recommendations

Just bought the EB70S and would like to get solar panels to go with it - don’t want to spend a lot of money on them but want to have some in case of power outage…I saw Baldr 120 & ROCKPALS SP003 100 watt - I think those come with connection I need to hook up to EB70S but wanted some other choices you guys would use…let me know if I need to get special cables too? Thank You

I have an EB55 unit for testing, and I am using a Newpowa 100 W (12V, 8 A) panel with it.

I was going to add a second panel in series but the open circuit (no load) voltage is over 14, so two in series can go to 28 V, exceeding the EB55 input limit of 25 V. I bought it at for $87.50 (I have Prime so it was shipped for free).

It is well built for a Chinese product. But you can look around local suppliers if you don’t like Chinese or Malaysian panels, although Bluetti is made by PowerOak in China.

BTW, all panels come with the standard MC4 connectors, while the Bluetti power stations all come with a MC4 cable. Just plug in and use it.

Keep it simple and just get one panel. Thats not really an issue with the EB 70 because the input isnt so great that you would need more than one. I think the Bluetti panels are over priced but have never owned any so I cant speak to their quality. Mono crystalline are preferred over poly crystalline but not a deal breaker, stay with more popular brands and dont fall for a dirt cheap panel that has a price thats too good to be true. Rockpals is probably fine