Solar panel recommendation to use with bluetti d050s Charger

My System AC200Max, B230 and D050S and 5 PV200 panels as main PV input to AC200MAX

What are best additional panels to use to maximize charging from the Do50S to fit 60 volt 10amp max input? Which is more efficient for faster charging, to use higher wattage panels or to use panels that put out voltage close to the 60 volt max to get close to the 500watt charge input?
I am considering (2) 130 watt panels (260 watt total) in series that output 21 max volts each (42v total) and 6.5 amps with open circuit voltage of 24.5v each (49v total)
(2) 180 watt panels (360 watt total) in series that output 18 max volts each (36v total) and 9.7amps with open circuit voltage of 21.6v each (43.2v total)
both come in under the max D050s input of 60v/10amp
Thanks for help

@jespo27 Charging AC200Max through D050S can be done using the second method you mentioned: two 180W solar panels connected in series, within the range.

thank you… does the D050s charging source need to be within the amp limit of 10a , or could you over current the D050s?
I know open voltage limit must be under the 60 volt max.

Solar controllers (like the one in your D050S) will only pull as many amps as they are designed to handle (10A) and not more, even if your connected solar array COULD supply more current in ideal weather. This makes it easier to max out the power input as you can over-panel by adding more panels in parallel ensuring the open-circuit voltage doesn’t exceed 60V.

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if i understand what you are saying…, i could add a total of (4) 130 watt panels 2 sets in series and those sets connected to the d050s in parallel?

so the example in previous post using (4) 130 watt panels would then provide 520 watts and 49 open circuit volts (42 max volts) and 13 amps to the d050s?
w= v x a so 42 v x 13 a = 546 watts does not add up to 520watts ???
i am a little new at solar but hoping I got this equation right.

A 2s2p (2-series, 2-parallel) wiring configuration with your 130W panels would work as an input into your D050S given the 49 Voc.

A 2s2p (2-series, 2-parallel) wiring configuration with your 180W panels would also work as an input into your D050S given the 43.2 Voc.

You can expect the 130W 2s2p setup to generate around 414W with the 130W panels versus 348W with the 180W panels. How come? You’ll hit the 10A current limit with both so the one with the higher voltage will generate more watts.

When calculating the panel’s power (watts) you have to multiply the Voltage at max power (Vmp) with the current at max power (Imp) specs of your panel. You’re likely using the short-circuit current (Isc) instead.

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Thank you very much for the fantastic information! I will use the 4 , 130 watt panels in the 2s2p setup. Very educational . One last question, would it be necessary to add a fuse to protect the D050S charger?

The input current of the solar panel can be greater than 10A, the D050S will limit the current to 10A, as long as the open circuit voltage must be below 60V. There is no need to add a fuse.


Wow I am so pleased I read this! As I purchased a 48v 20a lithium ion battery to be able to boost my ac200max as it started to fade in the evening when running the ac. I connected an xt90 connector and plugged it into the solar input. Initially it showed about 700w incoming but that suddenly progressively dropped down to 8w. I checked the battery voltage and it was about 51v so all good. Very confusing so I looked here and saw this post! I just connected into the ac200max using my D050S and hey presto, it showed about 460w input - very very relieved as thought the battery might be damaged.

Does anyone know why plugging the battery into the solar input port doesn’t seem to work???

On your AC200Max when charging from your 48V battery you must set the DC Input Source to PV which you must have done otherwise it wouldn’t even start charging. Other than that I can’t think of a reason why the AC200Max would not pull more than 8W with the battery voltage at 51V. Perhaps your external battery’s BMS is throttling the output current for some reason?

Note that you can damage your 48V external battery if you don’t monitor the charging as the AC200Max will continue pulling energy from it until it goes completely flat. You need to manually disconnect it once it dips below the low voltage cut-off (check your battery’s specs, usually it’s around 39-40V for a 48V battery)