Solar panel install

Finished the install of the 505w solar panel today very easy to do now looking forward to the number I get from the panel to feed my AC180. Before and after.


@Ktt Thanks for sharing!
The 505W rigid panel perfectly matches the PV input of AC180. I can see that’s sunny in your first picture, hope the charging efficiency will be higher. :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face:

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I love the utilization of the space you got @Ktt Kerr! Question tho… I noticed that little “wall” thats in front of the panel… would it be better to mount the bottom of the panel to the top of that so that it elevates it off the ground, prevents possible shading, as well as matching the solar angle of your roof top panels also?

Not sure what the weather is like for you where you are located, but I need to have the panels mounted off the ground due to snowfall and just being overall easier to manage when needing to clean them. That additional spacing from the ground in your set-up might also help with radiating heat from that pea stone?

One last thing, do you happen to have a link to that 505w panel? Im interested in picking up some myself and would love to look at the specs/pricing! TIA! :slight_smile:

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Ye the wall is casting a wee shadow o. The panel first thing in the morning. I’m going to raise the front up level with the wall. So it can work to its full potential.

I’m in Scotland and where I am the snow isn’t that bad. The best place for solar panels I have found is city plumbing. The panel was just over £100 which is pretty good. Here is a link for it.

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@Ktt Dang!! £111.46 equals about $141 here in the US which is a pretty FANTASTIC deal for a 505w panel like that! Nicely done!!

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