Solar Panel compatibility

Will the SP120 120W Solar Panels work to charge the smaller portable models like the EB70S or EB55? The descriptions on Bluetti’s website say you can charge them with the 200W panels, but doesn’t mention the 120W panels.


Yes, you can. The EB55 (which I do have) can take in any PV panel as long as it uses MC4 connectors, and its Voc (open circuit voltage) does not pass 24 V.

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Thank you. :slight_smile: Do you know which fire extinguishers work best if one of these were to catch on fire? It looks like ABC would work from what I can find online. (?)

ABC is fine but keep in mind that dry chemical type fire extinguishers can create other problems in small spaces. For instance, if your EB 55 catches fire its probably toast and there’s no saving it but discharging that fire extinguisher will cause problems with other electrical devices. That powder gets into everything and is corrosive to electronics etc. That doesn’t outweigh the need to put out the fire which should always be priority. I work in heavy industry and electrical spaces always have CO2 extinguishers for class C fires which is ideal. You probably wont find anything but an ABC for home use so definitely go with that.

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Thank you! We usually keep them away from electronic devices. I appreciate your response. :slight_smile: