Solar Panel Calculation

? is bluetti ac300 max saying 1200 pv max now?

That chart is what they sent me.

we were lookin last week At bluetti site i could of swear it said 2400 max pv.thats how this tread started,would make more sense to bre1200
yeap still there=

must be misprint on ad,thanks

I think that the 2400 watts may be when two AC300s are working together.

hell if i know…talk to bluetti rep…before you get a surprize :8ball:watt input is by the mppt size i bet its 1200,ac200 max is 900 .

What will happen if the panel output 16A to an AC200P (limit according t othe US site - 12A, according to the EU - 10A… no idea why)? Anyway, will it damage the Bluetti, or it will limit the input to 12A anyway?

@Sci the internals of the ac200 will limit the amperage down so it won’t be a problem. So in a simple sense… you can “over amp” but don’t “over voltage” if that makes sense?

Thanks @m.briney , it totally makes sense. This is also my understanding, but want to be sure.

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Another question (I still can not try with AC200P - waiting for it, but my panel is already here). I have 320W panel (single one) with Uoc = 40.6V, but Vmp of 33.7V. Does this mean that the solar charging will not even start? Is it measuring the input voltage with or without full load? I have measured the panel with multi-meter and it gives 38.5V.

P.S. according to Bluetti site info “The open-circuit voltage of AC200P is between 35V-150V. Would you mind making sure solar panels’ open-circuit voltage is in the range?”, then the panel with Uoc of 40V should work. Let’s see.