Solar panel cables

We have a AC200 Max and need a longer cable to run from camper to solar panels.

Does anyone have a recommendation on best place to buy them ?

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Hi @jaxstraw

i buy my MC4 cables from ebay. Never had any issues yet. I can give you some links but its a german ebay shop. Dont think they ship in the US or anything that much more far away that germany

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Amazon has a variety. Search for “MC4 extension cables”. I would suggest running the voltage as high as possible without exceeding the input limit for best results.

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Typically you can buy 4mm^2 for distances under 50m - and upgrade to 6mm^2 for distances between 50 and 150m.

Ebay is a good option as @Selfmadestrom mentions. Or buying the crimpers and cable to install the connectors yourself is much more cost efficient than buying them pre-made on amazon.

All depends on your needs. One shot, go for ebay :+1:t2:

Shouldnt we advise to stay at least 10% below the unit’s Voc?

That would be safer if your are close to the limit.

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