solar input

How do I get 500 watts into the generator without going over the peak voltage and amps on the AC180? Thanks

You have to select a panel(s) that is as close to the 60 volt limit VOC. In reality, once under load, the panel’s voltage will reduce from the VOC number. The best bet is to connect more than 500 watts of panels connecting in groups of series and parallel connections. (2) groups in series connecting together in parallel.

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Hi @bluetti_jlc1805charternet

Just as a little addition from @Scott-Benson ´s answer. Its really important that you build everything based on the VOC of each Panel. Even when the Voltage is lower under load.

The Voltage values you see for Solar Panels are messured in a labor. Mostly around 25 celcius. If you have a really sunny day but its much colder that 25 C° than solarpanels tend to have a slightly higher voltage than on higher temps. So keep that in mind