Solar Input not working

On our Bluetti AC200P the PV input from a Bluetti solar panel is no longer being accepted.
The PV/Car icon is yellow and the five dots in a horizontal line are not flashing in a rightward sequence as the normally do.
The input voltage is 24.7 V on the screen that comes up after touching the PV/Car icon and all other readings are zero.
Fault codes are 002 and 006.
Is there a procedure to fix this?

Hi @Rideonnancy,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
24.7V is not enough. The OCV of AC200P is 35-150V. How many solar panels do you use? Can you pls send me the spec of your solar panel?
002 tells you should charge the unit with solar panel and 006 means you should charge it by the AC charger. They will disappear when you follow my steps.

You will need to 2 of your panels in series, they are not meeting the minimum voltage for PV input.

Now, at 24.7V you may be able to trick the unit to think it is a 24V car, but if your panels are not large enough (250W min) under full sun, the voltage will drop as it starts to pull up to 8A believing it is a car output, which would cause your PV voltage to drop and it will stop working.

You will need at least 2 of those panels in series. 3 will be even better.


Nancy, your original posts mentions that the input from a solar panel is “no longer being accepted”. Are you saying you have been able to charge with this single Bluetti solar panel in the past? As mentioned above, you will need more than one panel connected in series (which raises the voltage) to charge as the minimum voltage for charging to being is 35 volts. There are some large, fixed panels that will output 35 volts from a single panels. If you are stuck with one panel and no other options, the DO50S charging enhancer (Accessory from Bluetti) can be used with a single panel. This accessory can increase your 24.7 volts you are seeing to 58 volts which will allow charging. But I don’t think you will be happy with a single panel because charging will be very slow unless your needs are for emergency recharge only.

Thank you so much for your help! This issue started after we installed a 175W flexible panel on top of our trailer and it was only had an output voltage of about 27v. So then we hooked up only one of our 150W Bluetti portable solar panels and again it wasn’t pushing enough voltage. As soon as the sun came up this morning, we hooked up our 2 150W portable panels in series and it’s working.
So it sounds like if we add the DO50S enhancer, the rooftop 175W should work for us as we are driving. Correct?

Correct, the DO50S enhancer will allow your single panel to charge. It will connect to the 8mm port that you would connect the AC power brick to. The Enhancer will take your 27 volts and boost it to 58 volts which is more than sufficient for charging to begin. You will get less than 175 watts of charging since your panel will be flat and not at an optimal angle to the sun.

Again, thank you so very much for your wise and useful counsel! We have learned our lesson to more thoroughly research needed equipment before jumping into a project.

Followup report and question. Again, thank you for your guidance. You helped to turn what we were fearful was going to be a worthless investment of time and money into a working solar system! We the use of the DO50S Enhancer, we have successfully kept our frig running for days using just the 175w rooftop solar panel, even with rainy and cloudy days thrown in.
My question now is what do the red and green lights mean on the enhancer? I couldn’t find any explanation in the “manual”.The other day, after several cloudy days, the Bluetti had dropped down to 24%. We noticed that the light on the enhancer was red. We really hadn’t paid any attention to the light before. We unplugged the enhancer and turned off the Bluetti. Then we turned the Bluetti back on and it read 99%. We didn’t plug in the enhancer at that point. Any ideas? Thanks!