Solar Input is Minimal...HELP!

Have an AC200Max. The AC200Max has 3 Bluetti PV Solar Panel connected in Serial. Each PV Solar Panel is 200 Watts. The AC200MAX has a reading of below 50 Watts being inputted. I have tried to resolve this issue but the samething. It is a very clear day without any clouds but nothing is bumping up the input. Could it be that the panels are dirty? The panels don’t look dirty. What should I use to clean the 3 solar panels?

Have you selected “PV” in the settings screen to enable solar charging. If anything else is checked you will only see around 100 watts. failing that, are your panels outside and facing (correctly angled) the clear sunny sky directly? Are any of the panels shaded?

Just a guess but do you have “PV” selected and not “other” its accessed from the home screen.

Thanks for the response. I have been looking at the Bluetti home screen and cannot find the list for “other” and “PV”. Went to the site and reviewed the Users Manual. The Users Manual does not say anything about selecting the “PV” mode. The car charging does state that “other” should be selected for the DC input. I am beginning to believe that the problem is the panels facing the sun.
The charging brick charges the AC200Max without any issues. There is a constant 470+ watts of input.
Can someone tell me how to get to the menu to make sure “PV” is selected? As of right now I have not been able to find that menu.

The menu is access at the left side of the screen and the menu is titled “other”. It is difficult to provide much assistance without any pics or details how your panels are positioned, connected and in what location. The other thing you may try is connecting two panels only by eliminating one panel at a time to see if you possibly have one bad panel that is bringing down the other two

Your idea of a possible bad solar panel is a great idea. I will also play with the menu looking for “other” again.
Thanks for the idea. I will let you know what happens.

SUCCESS! The problem was as DoeCliff and Scott suggessted. When the menu was changed from “other” to “PV” the input watts increased to 470+.
Thanks for your help in resolving this user problem.

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You can also check with a multimeter if you have one
The Voc ( voltage open circuit) is written somewhere on the panel
A bad panel will show low voltage numbers when facing direct sun.
Point the panels directly over the sun
Put a can on the panel and look for any shade
If your 200 watt panel is getting around 140 watts you are getting 70% efficiency which is still ok!!